About Us

I am a Qualified Registered Building Surveyor by way of being a full Member of the Chartered Institute of Building, Faculty of Architecture and Surveying. I am a Registered Building Surveyor as required under the Building Control Act 2007, Registration No B0138, and administered by the Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland, the Authorised Registration Body specified in the Building Control Act 2007



We carry out condition / defect’s surveys on second-hand houses and apartments in the Dublin area. House surveys involve inspection of the visible elements of the building for structural cracks, settlement and subsidence including attic spaces where safely accessible. Drainage manhole covers and drainage chamber covers are removed, where possible, to check that the drains are clear. We comment on heating and electrics, re-furbishments and upgrading, particularly in terms of insulation levels.


Where additions, extensions and alterations have been carried out on houses, there is a requirement, for Conveyancing purposes, to have such works certified by practitioners acceptable to the Law Society as set out in their Guidelines. If Certification was not provided by the supervising Architect, Engineer or Building Surveyor at the time of construction, then retrospective Certification can be provided in most cases based on visual inspection only. Certification may also involve compliance with old Building Bye Laws and Building Regulations since 1992 depending on the age of the works


All properties not already registered, going through the conveyancing process must now be registered with the Property Registration Authority of Ireland. This involves preparation of a site map based on the Ordnance Survey of Ireland maps, and comparison of the Deed map with the boundaries on site. Apartments also require a scaled floor plan map and in some cases a car park space plan if part of the Title of the property.

Structural Surveys

‘THE STRUCTURAL STABILITY OF ANY BUILDING IS DEPENDENT ON THE DELICATE BALANCE OF ITS MANY DEFECTS’ Structural Surveys are sometimes requested by Lending Institutions and advised by Solicitors. Its not possible to carry out Structural Surveys on houses as, by definition, it requires access to the structural elements such as walls, floors and roofs. These elements are either covered by render and drylining, floor boards and floor coverings, roof tiles and felt underlays. In particular where these elements intersect at critical structural locations, these locations are generally inaccessible or covered up and cannot be accessed unless ‘opening up’ is carried out. Such opening up entails damage and costly reinstatement. Permission will not be forthcoming from home owners for such works. While a Condition / Defects Survey can identify evidence of structural defects such as cracking, movement, etc., it may be necessary in some situations to advise further investigation by a Structural Engineer.